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How players come from "direct source" for games in oculus app lab?

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👋Hello everyone! I wanted to ask a question about the marketing attribution of games from oculus app lab. I am developing a VR shooting game. And it is quite weird that some day last week ten times as many players installed the game as any other day. And almost all of them come from the “Direct source”.

Does anyone know what the “direct sources” referred to? According to the explanation on oculus store direct conversions occur when users browse organically such as in the oculus store, instead of clicking an inbound link. However according to my knowledge, games in oculus applab can only be found through shareable links or by searching the exact name. So it’s quite weird that the conversions got ten times more just in one day🤔. Does anyone know how players come from direct sources?IMG_8093.JPG


Honored Guest


Have you got any answers about this? We are still facing the same issue in October 2023.



This situation can be valid nowadays however when the post was published, it had to be explained. I am here because I just wanted to see posts about marketing attribution and I am sceptical about its accuracy and then I saw the post. Now, I am more sceptical.