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Not working Axis1D after update

Level 2

Good day for you, if it's a good day at all:(
I'm a developer, programming in Unity3D 2019.3.8f1 and use Oculus Rift S and appropriate software from Oculus. Some days back, when I receive another UNNECESSARY AUTOMATIC update (which I can't OFF) of Software "Oculus" I had trouble: when I stop using the left controller and he rest about 3-5 seconds he went to sleep mode (as I undestood) AND AXIS1D NOT WORKING ON ANOTHER RIGHT controller. BEFORE update everything works well. In my app I must attach left controller to rack for a positioning GameObject in VR and use only right controller, but it is impossible to do so because the Axis1D button does not respond at all. Using the system becomes impossible for development one-controllers game. Has anyone faced such problem? Thanks