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Ongoing charging issue

Level 2
Hi, my oculus quest is one year old and is now having ongoing charging issues.  The charge light shows orange yet the device charge percentage doesn't increase.  I have rebooted the Oculus and experienced the same issue, unplugged the cable from the charger, then plugged it back in, and experienced the same issue.  Unplugged and re plugged the cable from the Oculus, same issue. Because the charge light goes on and off by itself, indicating the charging sessions start and stop by themselves makes me believe it's a software issue and not hardware. The cable and pin connections appear to be in perfect condition. The device temperature does not seem to impact it's ability to charge. It has the same problem after I have played on it and when it is completely cold.  I see many other comments on this forum from other new quest owners that are experiencing  the same problem with no resolution feedback. I am disappointed and unsure what to do at this point. I considered purchasing the Oculus two when it's available but wonder if after a year will I have the same problem?