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Organization's admin verification using passport problem

Honored Guest

I'm trying to make admin verification option under organization verification. I have tried to use the passport option and uploaded an image for my passport. Unfortunately, Meta have responded to me stating that they couldn't use my ID, although I have scanned my passport with a scanner to get the best image quality.




I initially had a problem with my driver's license. I'm used to having to show front and back so I took photos of each and stitched them together. It was rejected. I did just the front, as flat as can be and made sure none of the writing was blurry, and it was accepted very quickly. I would maybe try folding over the 2nd page and don't have anything else in the background or the photo. A flat dark colored surface with high detail and no blur. If you still have issues, I believe there is a link in the rejection email to contact them. You can dm me here if you still have issues and I can try to help.