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Preview Apps cover image change - Alpha channel release

Level 2

I am trying to test the logo/icon of my app on App Lab. I have released my app on the Alpha channel but I can only use the default cover photo. How can I change this image to the logo I have added in Unity.Preview Image.png


Level 7

Upload your images in App Metadata > v1 > Assets.

Did you try this? It says that the App Metadata page is 'read only' and is intended for viewing historical app metadata. I think using cover images is a feature only for production when you intend to release your app to the store.

You may need to create a new App Submission and fill out the same data there. I've definitely used this to add images so all my apps don't show with the orange default.


Try: App Submissions > Create New > App Metadata > Assets

When I'm at App Submissions, I have 1 entry name 'v1', when I look at 'Create New', it's unclickable, when I hover over it, it says "You have a pending unapproved app submission", nothing is pending, I'm not trying to publish to the store yet, I have an app in ALPHA channel, that's clearly a bug.

Level 2

Looks like submitting the app is the only way to test the logo/icon for the application.

Just uploaded the image in App Submission- Test Submission- Assets-Landscape and save changes. Now I can see landscape image in Oculus Hub and Headset app menu. Regards

where can I find 'test submission' ?