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Problem converting Facebook test accounts to Meta accounts

Level 2

I have Facebook Test User accounts setup in the developer portal.

I am trying to setup a headset using one of these accounts (which has worked fine in the past). Now, when I login to the Meta Quest App (Android and latest version of the App), it asks me to setup a Meta account for them. I go through the process and at the end I get the message:

'Could not access Facebook account -
Could not pull user data from Facebook account'.

This then leaves the test account in an unusable state. In the developer portal the test account has gone from a Red ! to a Green tick. However, if I try and login and use the account it tells me the username/password is wrong. I have tried this with 3 test accounts over the last couple of weeks and they have all failed like this.

Anyone have a solution or a workaround for this?