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Serious Bug in Developer Dashboard which locked me out from the Dash already twice

I am logging in from multiple computers to my Developer Dashboard, and now it's already the second time that my account gets blacklisted (for this reason I assume) and I cannot access it anymore. Trying to access the developer dashboard results in an error message for a split second and then the page only displaying white:




An Error Occurred!



GraphQL server responded with error 1675004: Unknown error


Error Code



Trace ID



This seems to be the same error facebook prompts when they block an account for 'suspicious behavior'. Last time it took more than 24 hours before I could access the developer dashboard again and I can't even submit a support ticket or logout from my account because the whole subdomain generates this error and just stays white.


Can someone


A: Help me how I can access my developer dash again without having to wait 24 hours

B: Fix this problem so that it doesn't happen anymore


Thank you!


Level 2

go to that link, send them screen shots of your issue and it will be fixed