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Unable to update payout account on oculus developer dashboard


Good morning,
I have been trying to update my payment information for 6 days now without success. The response from the update form is "We're having trouble completing your request. Please try again."

When creating the account, I already had this type of problem which resolved itself after 3 weeks.

After speaking with a chatbot for 3 days so that it did not direct me in any way and did not resolve the problem in any way, the ticket was purely closed without providing a response.

It is also now impossible for me to repost a message because it detects that an identical message has already been posted.

I can only try again every day to update my IBAN.

UPDATE : I don't know how but my iban was changed. It therefore appears that an error message was sent but that the modification was made.



Hey. I'm having a similar issue. Suddenly my payouts stopped working 3 months ago (worked previously for 2.5 years). I contacted "Facebook Payment Support for Monetizers" and now I'm in the same chatbot loop suggesting updating my financial information with the (non-existant) "Payout" tab on Facebook (my FB account is not linked with my Oculus/Meta dev account).

Anyone having a solution?


Having the same problem here. Any solutions yet?


+1. The same issue and support team answer the same with (non-existant) "Payout" tab on Facebook