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Unreleased apps no longer accessible to members

Level 3

I see that Roles have been migrated in some fashion as of Sep 30. Around this time all apps have disappeared from App Distribution in the Developer Hub for all members. Even Administrators cannot view or install apps in App Distribution. The app is no longer available on any member's headset that was accessed through Release Channels. 


Looking into our roles, Developers and Administrators have permission for View App and View Release Channels. App Constraints are set to "All (present and future)". What other settings are relevant? It seems like a bug with our org.


Please advise. This is severely blocking the entire org. 


Accepted Solutions

Level 3

Level 3

Us as well,  We have many users affected by this!  This is a huge issue for us.  ...submitting support ticket


This is the same for us.  We have noticed a difference in settings, even among Administrators. Under View More Information, there is a setting Allow Non-approved apps.    For users who can still see the apps, this setting is set to Yes.  For those that cannot, it is set to no.  I also logged this in the First Access forums.

We change the setting for one our test users using the PC Oculus App but we still can't see the apps.



Ok, found where I can view a possibly related setting,  seems to be correct, but still no unreleased apps


Level 3

Looks like this is indeed a bug that is being addressed:

Level 3

Also having this problem. None of our developers can see or access our unreleased apps to install