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VR film-That One Amazing Movie the world's first VR180 feature length film & standard hybrid film!!

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Hello all,
Hey there my name's Imari Stevenson or as I go by my pen-name, Imari 16-bit Imarea and I am a CEO/owner of Veon Prism Media Studios which is a multi-media studio in which we produce apps, books, independent films and now VR films. We've released our newest film, That One Amazing Movie and it's VR counterpart on Youtube VR and Amazon Prime videos which is distributed by Adler & Associates Entertainment. That One Amazing Movie is about three hackers who are trying to turn their lives around for the best. In order to do that, the trio decides to go the route of being VR designers and produce their own makeshift VR headset titled the Hyper Mental Homeboy, which they hope to pitch to investors to get attention of investors. What makes this film unique is two things. A. The film can be fully seen in VR as long as you have a VR headset which allows you to see the films in SBS videos on Youtube VR. B. This film is the world's first hybrid film in addition, the world's first feature length (2hr) film. This movie combines live action and anime-style CGI together in one film, imagine a Pixar movie combined with a Liongates film and you get the general idea. Ok so we clearly got plenty of VR hardware and a good handful of games, but has anyone noticed that we don't have nearly as many tripe A VR dedicated films? I mean sure, we had Oculus Studio's Henry which was an awarding film and it was rather enjoyable--I saw it myself on Oculus Quest--and it was fun, but however why aren't there any feature length triple A films which strongly utilizes the benefits that VR has which no other medium can do? With VR you can be in the film as the main lead and see angles and perspectives that regular films don't give you. Yes, there's 360 films out there, but none of them have a lasting impact which a good well designed VR 180 film can do. A good example of a regular film being converted into VR well is Hardcore Henry, which that itself just seems like it's suitable for being in true VR. I am really curious about that and I'd like to hear your inputs! Check out That One Amazing Movie VR on Youtube VR and look up That One Amazing Movie on Amazon Prime video not on a search engine, you'll need to go into Amazon Prime video first.