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Virtual Reality Check (TEST BLOCKER) - FAILED

Level 4

Can someone advise how to overcome this unusual review response from our app? 




Our app is designed to control a line of educational robot products. The robots have a camera and servos, arms, legs, etc. The Oculus app allows the user to view what the robot sees, move the robot with their hands, and the robot will mimic their movements. This allows visual programming and remote telepresence to prepare children for a futuristic workforce where humans and robots work together.


However, our app is denied by the review process because it requires a robot product. How can we work around this to allow the app to be accepted? Unfortunately, it took many months to receive a FAILED review. Meanwhile, millions of students across 70 countries who use our robot products are now denied this educational experience.


Any recommendations are welcome - thank you.




Level 4

How did this Virtual Desktop app pass the review process if it also requires a 3rd party product (i.e., computer): Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus


We're stunned that Oculus is preventing our company from publishing an app that allows students to control robots. Our app also contains a remote desktop feature, which aligns with the app I mentioned above.

Level 4

Does anyone know how to communicate with Oculus/Meta/Facebook to appeal their result? Many approved apps depend on 3rd party hardware, so we would like to know what makes ours different?