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Where can I get support for app lab submission?



I submitted my app on app lab and have been waiting for 10 weeks for approval.

As far as I remember, the 1:1 inquiries for developers was closed since last year. Therefore, there seems to be no window to ask developers, especially regarding app lab submission.

I cannot wait any longer, so I inquired through an e-mail that came up with a meta-contact on Google, but I received a reply that "the form you submitted is only used to handle complaints related to your privacy." I couldn't get help with the development.

Does anyone know the contact that I can ask directly about the development or app lab process? I'm desperate...


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same here. for 8 weeks...

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Meta developer hub



@Soombird @laoso have either of you heard back regarding your submission?

My team's app has finally been approved and released on App lab last week!
I created new app in Developer Dashboard with the same app but slightly different name. The new app got approved only a week after. There's still no feedback for the old one, though. I think I was lucky, but it's worth a try. Good luck to you guys! And try our app if you're interested in virtual meetings 🙂

Awesome, that's great news. Congratulations on your upcoming release! 🙂

Congrats! I was told that a game created by an indie developer won't be approved on App Lab, is that true? Are you an indie dev? - Ian

@iantuason, My team size is 5-6 people, belongs to a company  of about 20 people. I guess it's not indie-size, but not big either. Wish you and your app good luck!

Hi Ian, we're a small indie team (3-4 people). We were approved on App Lab and successfully launched 2-3 months ago. It is possible, but we did go through several rounds of reviews with items we needed to fix 😎

"Random Acts of Madness" on Meta App Lab:

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My game Monkey Madness has been submitted for more than ten weeks and it still says unapproved, so if I did any thing wrong while submitting or forgot to do something if you could reply to this saying what happened