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wtf meta

why does this whole thing blow asss wtf. i have been trying to log into my **bleep**ing oculus account and i cant get in because the apss dont link well. even when i tried to send a message i had to log in **bleep**ing twice and it just redirected me...

View PDP button broken !

Hi, when i used view PDP button for see webpage application,A message error appear now : This page is not available The link may be broken or the page may have been deleted. Verify that the link you are trying to open is correct.(for unpublished app)

Organization Verification Not Working

Hello,we are two developers working on an app (Spectate), and we've submitted official company documents multiple times and have never been able to get verified, so we can't update our assets on the store. They say my phone # is not confirmed to bein...

nomolos96 by Honored Guest
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Tela preta

Alguém pode me ajudar, o óculos ficou em tela preta enquanto eu criava o meu avatar, já tentei reiniciar e mesmo assim ainda não voltou, o que eu posso fazer pra reiniciar ele ou voltar ao normal?

Condocasa by Honored Guest
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Where can I get support for app lab submission?

Hi,I submitted my app on app lab and have been waiting for 10 weeks for approval.As far as I remember, the 1:1 inquiries for developers was closed since last year. Therefore, there seems to be no window to ask developers, especially regarding app lab...

Soombird by Explorer
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No sales statistics on released app ?

I released my game ASTROROXX yesterday on app lab and I´m surprised that I cannot see ´any´ statistisc on whether or not the game has been sold or not. I start getting reviews, so I´d assume that someone bought the game, but there is not info visible...

Son with Disabilities

Hi, I need help, My son has multple implants in his brain as well as very low neck strength which conflict with Oculus’s weight as well as the support bands and straps. He feels left out if we are enjoying the oculus (which we do.) I do have an idea ...


  Trading has a lot to do with the psychology… training your mind not to be greedy also having a potential aim…. Control your mind and know exactly when to exit … also having knowledge about the market is most important :hundred_points: Won’t say muc...

PumpFx by Honored Guest
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Resolved! routing number issue

it says invalid routing number when inputting depositing bank info. can someone explain this or tell me the format to put my transit number and stuff in? im in canada.

kosh242 by Protege
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Cannot update Quest 1 past v29.

I,ve tried sideloading via usb and adb fails at 47% every time. It will not find updates within the settings in the quest app.Im using v30 full. Had the same problems with v43. I cannot use this basically new device because it cannot update at allany...

blender1 by Honored Guest
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After V56 "Unknown Sources" tab is missing

I have a Developer's account "verified" with my ID and business name. I have developer's mode turned on, in the Quest app and the quest 2. Yet the "unknown sources" tab is gone after v56 installed and therefore I cannot test/run any non library softw...

Free Game

Hi is it any free games without subscription kindly guide me I have some doubts if anyone call me to assist very helpful.

Resolved! Dev Dashboard - Unable to add payout account

We are unable to link a bank account to our Developer dashboard.At first it was asking for bank info but never worked. Now it doesn't even ask for any bank info, it just fails. Tried setting a new account which does the same thing. Clicking the "Get ...

Slixton by Explorer
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