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Ideas to make Meta AI even better

Hi my name is josh.i was chatting to Meta AI on Facebook, and I found some issues with it that i feel can be fixed up.I want to tell you some ideas to make Meta AI evn better on all platforms and gadgets such as Iphone, android and all Tablets and co...

Question about Key Generation and Builds

We have a Build that has passed submission. We are about to submit a new one but would like to generate some keys. Can we specify which build the keys will download or will this always give the user the latest submitted build to get approval? If the ...

Developer Mode Help!!!

Ha e the developer mode access changed. When I go to dev mod in the app to switch it on it says get started, I click it open my dev account authenticate it an ten go back to the dev mode in the app and it still reads "get started" and this keeps loop...

Pair to Multiple Phones

I feel like you guys should let multiple peoples phones pair to the quest. I have a guest2 and my siblings struggle over who gets to watch the casting off the phone. When the paired phone in not in the house then there’s no way to cast to anything el...

How to Stop Copying Text and Printing a PDF File?

To stop copying text and printing in PDF files, you need to stop the ability to select text with the cursor. If a user can’t select your text, then they can’t right-click and copy the content of your PDF Files. This can be done by using a simple appl...

Cannot create a PWA application

Hello, I want to publish a PWA application.I want to follow this documentation : But i don't have the checkbox "This is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) 樂 When i try to upload my APK> ...

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arnolem by Explorer
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Resolved! ECS Hybrid Renderer on Quest 2

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully rendered an entity on quest 2 with hybrid renderer 2 and if so how? Currently everything works in the editor but unfortunately my entities will not render on my quest. Any ideas ?

About Update Builds

I uploaded a new updated build of the AppLab Quest (/Quest2/Pro/3) app about a week ago.but it still does not seem to be released. If it is taking a long time to check or there is a problem with the build and it cannot be published, it may be because...

PROBLEM to submit an app to App Lab

Hi All, I'm trying to submit an App to App Lab, but there is a problem with the App Metadata. I have filled all the gaps and sections, and I have all green checks but specs. I'm really have filled everything, and I have saved changes, so I don't know...

ARIA_Tec by Honored Guest
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How to share an app with a business organization

Hi all,We are building an app that uses platform feature (mainly shared spatial anchor), and we want to invite our client who has a business MDM organization to test the app with their MDM devices. How can we do that, without publishing an app to App...

Junnn04 by Honored Guest
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Applab Wishlist

Hi all, How can I get the number of wishlists for my game on Applab? doing some marketing actions and would love to see if it is working out. Couldn't find in the dashboard neither F.A.Q or forum. Thanks

Disable Applab Page

I have two versions of my game released, a full paid version and a free demo. I've determined that it is not worth it to have a free demo. I would like to take the Applab page for the free demo down (ideally disable it, not completely delete it). Is ...

Questions regarding boundary in apps

Hi a few questions regarding the boundary system.We are a startup company that wants to create Mixed Reality applications for the Quest 3. These applications are typically used in large open spaces like museums/castles. To make these applications wor...

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