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Developer Mode Turning off

HII have developer mode enabled, i have parental supervision on an account (13-17) and whenever i enable developer mode for them, whenever i change accounts and go back or restart the quest, developer mode is turned off again. For my main account as ...

Craigjm by Honored Guest
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View PDP button broken !

Hi, when i used view PDP button for see webpage application,A message error appear now : This page is not available The link may be broken or the page may have been deleted. Verify that the link you are trying to open is correct.(for unpublished app)

When does Oculus payout?

Hello, I recently have been working on adding In-App-Purchases into my game, and I've earned a pretty nice amount of money off of this that I was hoping to use to pay my team with. I recently got a monthly statement, the amount looked just about righ...

Changing package name

I loaded an package with the wrong name. If I try to load an new package with a new name, I get an error:com.OldComp.OldName ---> com.NewComp.NewNameThis upload uses a new package name, "com.NewComp.NewName", but the package name must not change betw...

Release channel update

If a new build is pushed to a release channel, is there any post update hooks that we can use to send updates to our companies Slack channels?

AGlueck by Explorer
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MQDH cannot installing latest CLI

When attempting to use MQDH, after selecting my Release Channel, the 'Upload' button remains stuck on "Installing Latest CLI". This issue persists even after several hours despite multiple attempts to reinstall and update MQDH to its most recent vers...

huangkisu by Honored Guest
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VRC.Quest.Asset.4 - What does it really mean?

Hi! I got this as a message recently:"VRC.Quest.Asset.4 - Hero art must include the branding of the app centered in the image."Am i allowed to have a left or right aligned logo in the Landscape asset as long as its in the safe zone? Ive seen so many ...

Twode by Honored Guest
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Developer Mode

Hi, I have tried to set up my quest developer account and have entered my card details and 2FA, it says it complete and then when I try to click on organisation name it takes my back to the verification page.

IARC and Privacy Policy

What exactly do I do for these? I'm trying to get into the VR Development scene but I'm having a bit of trouble. IARC:It says I need a IARC email, do I need to create one or do I need to get someone elses?\ Privacy Policy:Do I need to create a websit...

daveedVR by Explorer
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Resolved! Multiple problems with Dashboard

1st - I can't create a new application, this error appears.If I refresh the window the application does appear.2nd - If I try to use the entitlement check, it does not recognize the application and closes as if it did not have the permissions. In Ocu...

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-21 092142.png Captura de pantalla 2023-11-21 092917.png

Meta store broken, impossible to buy applications

Shout out to all developers. There is an ongoing issue with the Meta store. For many users there is a problem with their account; is is causing them to be unable to buy anything from the store. These users have put in various support tickets with Met...

App referrals and utm codes?

Does the meta app manager / developer dashboard support referrals/utm codes? For example, I see uploadvr as the source. Is there a way for me to create/manage/track my ...

Resolved! Dev Dashboard - Unable to add payout account

We are unable to link a bank account to our Developer dashboard.At first it was asking for bank info but never worked. Now it doesn't even ask for any bank info, it just fails. Tried setting a new account which does the same thing. Clicking the "Get ...

Slixton by Explorer
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Oculus Dashboard - Copies Sold Graph

Hello everyone,We use different back-ends to count our user base and the values differ significantly for various reasons. To compare the values, I have a question regarding the "Copies Sold" graph in the "Analytics Overview" panel of the Oculus dashb...

Company and Admin verification fail

We have been trying for months now to get the company and admin verified.I am 99% sure the documentation is correct for the company, and I am quite sure the photo I am taking of my various IDs is correct too (after being knocked back a few times I pa...

tillsan by Explorer
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Card wars

In the world of gaming, the marriage of creativity and strategy defines the pinnacle of entertainment. Meta, the renowned gaming company, should delve into the realm of Adventure Time's Card Wars, as it promises an unmatched amalgamation of immersive...

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