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Developer Mode

Hi, I have tried to set up my quest developer account and have entered my card details and 2FA, it says it complete and then when I try to click on organisation name it takes my back to the verification page.

IARC and Privacy Policy

What exactly do I do for these? I'm trying to get into the VR Development scene but I'm having a bit of trouble. IARC:It says I need a IARC email, do I need to create one or do I need to get someone elses?\ Privacy Policy:Do I need to create a websit...

daveedVR by Explorer
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Resolved! Multiple problems with Dashboard

1st - I can't create a new application, this error appears.If I refresh the window the application does appear.2nd - If I try to use the entitlement check, it does not recognize the application and closes as if it did not have the permissions. In Ocu...

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-21 092142.png Captura de pantalla 2023-11-21 092917.png

App referrals and utm codes?

Does the meta app manager / developer dashboard support referrals/utm codes? For example, I see uploadvr as the source. Is there a way for me to create/manage/track my ...

Resolved! Dev Dashboard - Unable to add payout account

We are unable to link a bank account to our Developer dashboard.At first it was asking for bank info but never worked. Now it doesn't even ask for any bank info, it just fails. Tried setting a new account which does the same thing. Clicking the "Get ...

Slixton by Explorer
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Oculus Dashboard - Copies Sold Graph

Hello everyone,We use different back-ends to count our user base and the values differ significantly for various reasons. To compare the values, I have a question regarding the "Copies Sold" graph in the "Analytics Overview" panel of the Oculus dashb...

Company and Admin verification fail

We have been trying for months now to get the company and admin verified.I am 99% sure the documentation is correct for the company, and I am quite sure the photo I am taking of my various IDs is correct too (after being knocked back a few times I pa...

tillsan by Explorer
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Card wars

In the world of gaming, the marriage of creativity and strategy defines the pinnacle of entertainment. Meta, the renowned gaming company, should delve into the realm of Adventure Time's Card Wars, as it promises an unmatched amalgamation of immersive...

Can't authenticate account for developer mode

I set up authentication through an authenticator app, but that is not triggering the expanded options for me to access developer mode through cannot add authentication through text message because after I ...

Have not received Meta Payout ... .EVER

hello, I have been receiving the payout remittance reports from Meta, but have not been able to receive payout from them ever!we are based abroad, which may be adding to the issue, but nonetheless.we have been above the payout threshold, and tried re...

Developer Mode access

Literally the only thing I need is to turn on developer mode on my Quest 2 but seems like Meta literally refuses to accept any of my personal mobile numbers to activate 2FA. I've tried like anything at this point so I desperately ask if anyone is abl...

perekmad by Honored Guest
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hacked page

Hello guys I gave the ownership of my page to another one by mistake and they don't want to give it back to me so please help me in this case as soon as possible

Miryam_Ka by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Developer verification does not work

I am trying to get my account verified for a developer under: text instructs that I need either to enable 2fa or to add a payment method. Mind you both have been configured for my normal Oculus account, b...

assenls by Explorer
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Where can I get support for app lab submission?

Hi,I submitted my app on app lab and have been waiting for 10 weeks for approval.As far as I remember, the 1:1 inquiries for developers was closed since last year. Therefore, there seems to be no window to ask developers, especially regarding app lab...

Soombird by Explorer
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app lab change requested help!!

i keep getting this change request. "Please resubmit with an attached build. Please do not use the Pre-Launch Submission option. We look forward to reviewing your application in full." can anyone tell me how to change that?

developer phone verification for buisness

i am still trying to verify my buisness for my game so that i can finnaly update it but im stuck at the phone verification part. there is simply no way that i can think of to be able to link my phone number to my buisness and with the meta support te...

Facebook Messenger's new AI assistant

I have had a wonderful experience using the new AI assistant in the Facebook Messenger app. I have found the response time to be phenomenally fast, and the accuracy of the responses to be excellent! I am excited about this new feature and, I am looki...

Charges in my bank

I am being charged 19.99 to my bank account every month and I have no idea why? I have looked on my subscriptions and there is nothing there. I also need to know how I can get meta off my FB and use my email instead.

Shorty837 by Honored Guest
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Is there an API to access analytics data?

Hello,colleagues at my company need an aggregated internal dashboard to access our key metrics plus internal stat KPIs based on the raw data.Does the platform provide APIs to access the data, if only number of daily installs per country? Or just acce...

Ploul by Honored Guest
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Release channels

Does Alpha release channels has life time?To publish the app privately with enterprise, what we can do?Is there any limitation for Alpha, beta and for private users?

Resolved! Modify an achievement

Hello!We are adding a few achievements to our game, but this implies modifying an existing one (mostly the icon). Is there a way to modify a published achievement? I did not find a way on the Developer Dashboard.Thanks!