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Resolved! Does Meta work with indie developers? [Solved]

Meta rejected all my admin verification requests because they couldn't read the docs I sent them (multiple times with different lighting conditions (artificial and natural) and resolutions).They also suggest trying to verify as an organisation or wit...

E-mail verification

I have an Oculus developer account admin@chatclick.ruI'm trying to log into this account through a server in Germany, I specify a username and password, a six-digit code comes to the mail, but the letter does not come. What should I do?My Oculus ID: ...

Developer Verification problem

Hi,Recently I saw that we have to verify our org with documents or the admin of the orgs documents like passports etc.I went to see on the submission process what documents was needed and left. Returned and it's "pending submission" and no way to can...

Error in developer verification

We recently received a message on the developer dashboard to update developer verification requirements, and we follow the instructions to pass the requirements (we select "business verification"). Yet, in the final step of verifying the organization...

vrexplorer2016_1-1680753288981.png vrexplorer2016_0-1680752931552.png

No Verification button in Org Manager

I have received emails about the need to verify the developer organization. I am trying to follow the directions on Developer Organization Verification | Oculus Developers for Admin verification. However, I have no Verification button on my Org Manag...

Oculus verification not working

So basically I tried to verify my Oculus account but I have no credit card or number so I went with the Authenticator I got my authenticator and stuff but then I went back and I still needed to verify but I already did with an authenticator so I migh...

Bekbob by Honored Guest
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Infinity loading "price" dropdown

I want to submit my application for review in app lab and fill in the meta fields. The final step was choosing the price of the application, but I can't choose it (I need to set it to free) because the dropdown is loading endlessly. What should I do?...


Resolved! Vulnerability tests are not running

All builds submitted to my release channels in the last 24 hours have no vulnerability test results and are therefore not published to the release channel. Examining the test results of these builds shows this: "No test runs were found to be associat...

fbgdamon by Honored Guest
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SOLUTION to problems w "Set Up Headset from MQDH"

I spent hours FAILING to get my Meta Quest 2 set up with MQDH (on a PC).Each time it completed the Set Up New Device "successfully" (not), but:1. It did NOT ask me to accept access to data on my PC. (hmmm, suspicious...)2. After each successful setup...

NEW Developer, how do I upload a build?

Hi everyone, I'm a new developer. I'm uploading my SaaS network...think Netflix and I'm almost at the end and ready to submit, but the submit button is grayed out and when I hover over it is says, my first submission needs to have a binary attached!!...

How to remove an app from the storefront

I work for an early stage startup, and we recently had our app verified for release on Lab. Since then, the higher ups decided they wanted the app to have a different name and asked me to create another app and release it under the new name. Now the ...


This error is EVERYWHERE. Nobody has found an answer yet. I'm hoping to find one right here.Here's the log.I'll try using the OVR Platform Utility, in hopes of a success. Please let me know if you find a solution!

Bug: API - Cannot Generate User Token

Steps to reproduce:Navigate to App ManagerSelect live game from drop downNavigate to API tabUnder User Token, press the "Generate Token" buttonExpected result:A user token is displayedActual result:Error displayedMessage:GraphQL server responded with...

sickiggy by Honored Guest
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IAP Update via Developer Dashboard

I'm running into issues with updating the description in my IAP set up through the developer dashboard. No matter how many times I try to save it never seems to update. Is there something I'm missing here?

Screenshot (50).png
bakersoar by Honored Guest
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Cannot find subscripton in my Developer Dashboard

Greetings,I ma starting off as a Unity VR Developer and am situated from Nepal. I am trying to enable subscription in the Platform Services. However, there isn't a Subscription option in the All Platform Services section.I have updated my payout info...