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Oculus Platform Command Line not working on Mac

I downloaded the Mac version of Oculus CL but can't get it working (still can't understand why the heck you need this to upload APKs larger than 200Mb, we're supposed to be in 2020) What is the .dms file? It's supposed to be an Amiga file....Tried to...

iGerbil by Level 2
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Can't download osig

I followed the Instructions but every time I enter my device ID and click "Download File", the page goes error by saying And there is no problem with my device ID.Someone come help me plz :'(

Mac Oculus Developer Hub Cant connect to Quest 2

I usually do a lot of development on my mac and hate to switch to windows 10 to do stuff. I wanted to get my quest 2 working with my Mac but so far nothing that I do seems to trigger enabled usb debugging on my mac with the quest 2. This works fine i...

i dont see a phone verification option

Hello, I wanted to try my hand at poking around the developer mode on my quest 2 but when I enable developer mode possibly looking in to creating an app or something musical. but I do not see a phone verification option only a credit card.. I make pu...

Kwerkz by Level 2
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Need to change an organization's owner

Hello, I just created an organization but realized after it was done that I was logged into the wrong account. I need to move this organization to a different account and cannot see how to do this in the dashboard. (Both accounts are now admins of th...

Ghost Giant bug in game

Hi PLEASE HELP!!! Had this game for 4 days now, not go passes the setup screenyet !! I am stuck just purchase GHOST GIANT game for the Quest but it won’t load,I have seen someone else with same problem on some forum, I cannot get passed the calibrati...

Ongoing charging issue

Hi, my oculus quest is one year old and is now having ongoing charging issues. The charge light shows orange yet the device charge percentage doesn't increase. I have rebooted the Oculus and experienced the same issue, unplugged the cable from the ch...

Deleting Developer Account

Good morning. I recently enabled "Development Mode" and now I my Quest in stuck in Development Mode despite factory resets, etc. I tried to factory reset with a dummy account and my Quest booted up without the Development Mode enabled, so I think it'...

purple heart vet

so today i was very happy i saved for more then 6 months to be able to get a rift s. i looked almost every pleace for one and no one had any in stock and everyone had them priced so high i found a guy on craiglist that said he had a new one and wante...

Redistributable Installation

Hi there. We recently updated our application with some new software that requires the MS Visual C++ redistributable package installed for it to work. I was under the impression that we could setup the Oculus store to install this as part of the app ...

Oculus SDK Not Found

While tryin to install and publish an APK into the Oculus Dashboard, I constantly get this error. I have an Oculus SDK and use the Unity 2017.4.35 Can someone help?

Carry-Over Remittance

I see on my most recent remittance documents that the total is being carried-over to the next month instead of deposited into my account. Can someone explain to me the new policy which is causing this to happen? It seems to have started in March. Tha...

Updated Build isn't being pushed to users?

My most recent app update isn't being pushed to my own Oculus account - when one of my users accessed the game it wouldn't load for them either. Any reason that my build wouldn't be pushed to users? It is selected as the main build in the store chann...

Automated Metrics CSV Download

Is there a simple way to download our install numbers in an automated fashion?I've tried doing it via Selenium but the heavy use of JS and the FB style login means it is very difficult for it to be robust (e.g. my robot has just been asked to type in...