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Unable to request product keys

We're currently unable to request product keys. When selecting the 'Keys' option we're being presented with the error message below;We haven't requested any number of keys before receiving this message; it appears as soon as we click on the 'Keys' op...

Capture3.PNG Capture2.PNG

Financial information not available

I used to be able to download Monthly Sales Report under 'Financial Reports' menu, but since a week ago, sales report disappeared from this menu. And on Revenue Dashboard, it's not showing me Revenue numbers. I'm confused because I haven't changed an...


Applab Reviews disappearing

Hello,I’ve had a couple of reviews on my applab page taken down by Meta and I would like to know why? They are legit Genuine reviews and the most recent one was from a content creator that really loved my game. His name was TruGamer4Realz and he has ...

Resolved! Unreleased apps no longer accessible to members

I see that Roles have been migrated in some fashion as of Sep 30. Around this time all apps have disappeared from App Distribution in the Developer Hub for all members. Even Administrators cannot view or install apps in App Distribution. The app is n...

nomad512 by Explorer
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Build stuck on "Malware Test" for days

Hi,We have uploaded a new build to the RC channel of one of our live apps, but it has been stuck on "Running Malware Review Test" since Friday. I have attached a screenshot below:I hoped this was just a visual bug but when trying to push it to the Pr...


App Submission stuck/lost?

I am working on my first Unity Oculus App. I have submitted multiple builds and it keeps getting rejected with reason "The FPS is below 60". I went through all of the settings and optimized the app and when I test it, it stays at 70-72 FPS the entire...

EPOculus by Honored Guest
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Leaderboard Server API Notification Parameter

Hello, Leaderboards have the option to enable "Send "Friend surpassed" notifications" via the dashboard. We are using the Leaderboard Server API to automate the creation of new Daily Leaderboards and we want to enable this paramter but the documentat...

Could you read a newspaper virtually with Quest?

I just bought a Quest for my husband for his birthday. We're in our seventies, and he has limited mobility. I thought Quest might be a good way to widen his world. We subscribe to two newspapers, and both are pushing subscribers to go to their online...

moogooch by Honored Guest
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Payment for Non US Account

Hi all, I haven't had much luck finding information on the best way to set up payment from Meta for your app sales (hopefully publishing an app in the next few months). I have a UK business account and was wondering if anyone has any advice of how to...

elpko by Protege
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is my organization blocked?

Hello, when switching to a meta account, I encountered the fact that my organization is not verified. And I can't complete verification. what should I do?

Zybaztik by Honored Guest
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Switching from sole proprietorship to LLC

I decided to form an LLC before releasing my game. Under financial information in the Org Manager the fields to enter this information are locked. How do I go about updating my organization to be an LLC? (or do I have to form a new one).

Unable to track Meta Keys

We're planning a rolled out release of our App Lab app using Meta keys to give to our early users. We thought we would be able to track various campaigns with different sets of keys from the developer dashboard, but our test keys are not showing up a...

No response from Store Submission Team in 162 days

We started an application for our new VR app for Store on May 23rd (today it is Nov 1st). Since then, I have sent over 50 mails to the Developer Support channel but get no support and no progress for getting the app closer to store.Are we the only on...

GaimItg by Explorer
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