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How help Oculus Insight in moution

We use the Oculus Quest on a boat using motion tracking(Oculus Insight). How to help the system behave stably in a changing lighting environment? Picture markers? print QR-code? LED markers? What can help?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Does my warranty cover this?

So, I bought my Rift S last year, and recently the left thumbstick has been going backward for no reason, I have tried looking online for help but I couldn't find anything. Does my warranty cover this? Even if I don't do anything for a second, it wil...

Nedak77 by Level 2
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Quest and Go have different App ID's?

So right now in my Oculus Dashboard I have differnt apps for Quest and Go/GearVR. But everything I am reading in the documentation seems to point towards them being the same? Is that correct? Should I have only one App page and one App ID for Quest, ...

rygo6 by Level 2
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How do I target quest and not go?

I have my application working on my quest just fine, it uploads to the dashboard fine (the v2 signing issue took a bit to figure out). But in my headset when I try and download the app from the developer dashboard it says it is a GO app and won't dow...

How do I invite others to my project and my team?

Hello,I'm trying to add a colleague to my organization, I see that he is added as an Admin in the App but he did not receive any email regd the invite. He has logged in to his Oculus Go with the same Email ID / Username that I have used to add him to...

Maximum number of devices for an account

Hi,Can anyone tell me what the maximum number of devices that I can attach to my account is please? We need to sideload a lot of Oculus Quests by using the developer setting and need to know if we're going to hit a hard limit on a single account.Than...

Can't add DLC to Rift game

According to documentation there should be a menu item called "Downloadable Content (DLC)" under the "Platform Services" page for our rift game but that page does not exist. There is only the "In-App Purchases (IAP)" page which appears to be differen...

Sharing custom items between platforms

Hi there,We're making a game for both Quest and Rift, and both with give custom items away when achievements are awarded. It looks like I need to upload and submit the custom items once per platform, which presumably means that someone who plays the ...

RobD by Level 3
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Oculus Game Marketing advice

I've not been able to find any information given by Oculus about how to go about marketing your game that is distributed on their platform (other than landing page content on their site that they will then direct users to).Perhaps the guide would sho...

Kev1970 by Level 3
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Oculus Start application (submit not working)

Hi there, im pretty new to this forum but I’ve been working on games for quite some time, I’ve started to venture into the VR field and have decided to start working on a VR project so i thought after hearing about it, applying for Oculus Start might...

3NV1R0 by Level 2
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Sales stats from Website or Ads?

Is there any way to get sales stats from your game page on Oculus.Com website or better yet from facebook Ad links to said game page? We need to know if our ads are working or not don't we?Also does anyone know if Funnel become available for Go appli...

Kev1970 by Level 3
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