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purple heart vet

Level 2
so today i was very happy i saved for more then 6 months to be able to get a rift s. i looked almost every pleace for one and no one had any in stock and everyone had them priced so high i found a guy on craiglist that said he had a new one and wanted 400 even for it i took the drive for 2 hrs to get to him as i got to what he said was his house he was parked in the front as i came out he saw that i was not able to walk very good because i was blown up in iraq so i have a cane he was a nice guy in text he took out the box from his car and said it was brand new i told him i was going to open it and he said sure but i need too see the money first as i pulled it out he ran with it and i was not able to chance him down as i said i can barley walk as my wife tried to stop him he drove pass her and he had no plates on his car as i open the box it was taped shut like new and there was only beans and old cloths in there do u guys have any advive on what to do i have the serial number from the box and i also called the pd they said there is nothing they can do for me