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ovr_GetLoggedInUserID always return 0

const char* appID = "the-app-id";if (ovr_PlatformInitializeAndroid(appID, androidApp->activity->clazz, Env) != ovrPlatformInitialize_Success) { ALOGE("Failed to initialize Platform sdk."); exit(1);}ALOGV(" my logged in user ID is: %lu ", ovr_GetLogge...

zzzuxy by Level 2
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Stuck at pairing

I had 5 Quest 1's. Did a factory reset on them to pair with a new tablet. Only got 1 to pair successfully. RMA'd the remaining 4 to Oculus.Just got a refurbished unit back and it also stops at the pairing screen. Tried to pair with phone with the sam...

Price Update -- Is it really this hard?

Hi All, I recently deployed my first app on App Lab. It was over-priced and now we desire a price change. Does anyone know the correct process for this? I've read "send an email to support" with some specific info. Done. Was told to "Create a New App...

MarkAK by Level 2
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