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Oculus Platform Settings Standalone Credentials

Honored Guest

I have my oculus linked with my facebook. I am trying to launch a test app using meta avatars. The platform settings as a standalone platform raises (see screenshot, Use Standalone Platform bool:true):
```UnityException: Update your standalone credentials by selecting 'Oculus Platform' -> 'Edit Settings'```

If I use it without standalone, it raises:
```You are NOT entitled to use this app. Please check if you added the correct ID's and credentials in Oculus>Platform```

I requested and was approved for everything required and my App ID is correct. I am not sure what's going on, but I can't log on with my facebook credentials and not using as a standalone platform says I am not entitled to use it. I'll attach the scriptabale obj screenshot



plz help lol


Honored Guest

Was this ever resolved?