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Oculus Developer Hub not able to upload new builds

Ever since the Meta account log in change, I've been unable to upload any new builds. I just get a message that says: "Build Upload Error - an error has occurred" It has no explanation for why the upload failed. I tried logging out and back in and ev...

Oculus Platform Settings Standalone Credentials

I have my oculus linked with my facebook. I am trying to launch a test app using meta avatars. The platform settings as a standalone platform raises (see screenshot, Use Standalone Platform bool:true):```UnityException: Update your standalone credent...

mboss3 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! how to get user profile picture

Hello, I am using Shared Spaces as a base for quest, and I would like to obtain the user's profile image, I am obtaining the name and id of each one.

ysquall by Protege
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How to Prevent Oculus from Automatically Updating

Hello, I have a DK2 and it was working fine a week ago, but the new update suddenly broke everything (the oculus can't even be detected anymore and it claims my processor doesn't meet the specs even though it clearly does). However, I have another de...

Yellow line

I have two yellow lines on my left goggles, does anyone know what this could be caused by? 


Resolved! Gaze missing

Hello. I am beginer with oculus.I am use Unity 5.3.5f1 and "Oculus Utilities for Unity 5 V1.3.2" But i can`t find Gaze controller or something like this for gaze input. I found this article bu...

rootools by Honored Guest
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Gear Vr Keys Only

My game is approved For gear vr but it says (keys only), what does it mean ? i cant see my game name on Oculus store . and i tried to put key in samasun galaxy s6 , in redeem code option. How can i see may game on store ?

Absologix by Honored Guest
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enable virtual HMD

Dear all,a newbie question:In oculus Doc, it mentioned that "If no Rift is plugged in, ovr_Create(&session, &luid) returns a failed ovrResult unless a virtual HMD is enabled through RiftConfigUtil". But where is the RiftConfigUtil located? checked SD...

As a dev how can I get my hands on the Touch?

Hi,we are in the process of Greenlighting a VR game. Currectly we only support the Vive but want to add support for Rift and the Touch. Who do I contact at Oculus to get access to the touch controllers? (I have the HMD).Thanks, Anders MalmgrenMDA Dig...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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USB 3.0 Won't work with Sensor (Fine with Headset)

Have a number of blue, USB 3.0 ports on my Asus Sabertooth X79 - no issues with the Headset, but can't seem to get the Sensor to work properly and get compatibility issues. Even have swapped out the working USB ports with the headset, still a problem...

Does Oculus Mobile have an interface documentation?

I found the oculus website developer documentation are relatively simple, and SDK example is super easy, I want to know where I can find a detailed documentation of the developers, because I want to know how to call gear VR gyroscope, and I was with ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How do I enable the Performance Indicator

Hey all,I'm trying to get the performance indicator enabled, however, I don't seem to have the "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Oculus VR, LLC\LibOVR" registry key. Oculus Home is installed and I have SDK 1.5. Am I missing a step? I tried adding the key and dword manu...

How can I enable the Performance Indicator

Hey all,I'm trying to get the performance indicator enabled, however, I don't seem to have the "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Oculus VR, LLC\LibOVR" registry key. Oculus Home is installed and I have SDK 1.5. Am I missing a step? I tried adding the key and dword manu...

How to improve the resolution of images 360 in Unity?

Good day, I am new in the development of mobile applications for Oculus Rift in Unity, my biggest challenged been upscaled of spherical images, what I do is create a 3D sphere with soothing excellent and within it place the image 360 , then increase ...

REJECTED: Due to the Volume of Submissions.....

Your app was rejected."Due to the volume of submissions, we can't offer specific feedback at this time. To get an idea of the content standards required for the Oculus Store, please take a look at our publishing documentation, and especially our Best...

IPD setting

Is there any IPD setting (even hidden) for my pumpkin DK2 on 1.3.0+? If no — why, if yes — where?

maa_boo by Sightseer
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How to reset your leaderboards before launch.

It's fairly common to have a bunch of test data that you want to remove from your leaderboards prior to launch. We have WebAPIs that allow you to clean those up. The full documentation will be in the SDK going out early next week but here's a head st...

Using the Oculus Platform SDK

I am trying to integrate things like player profile, and friends list through the Oculus Platform SDK in unity. I am however having trouble understanding how to get that information for players/users. Is there a way to get the current logged in user ...

Oculus VR ready detection not so perfect

I have a machine with a Geforce 1080 in it, a i7 3770K CPU, 32 GB RAM, Windows7 64bit, and I am still being told at every opportunity that machine does not match VR specs when it blatantly does...

wbsk by Protege
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Godot engine integration

There is new gaming ide and platform called Godot which is MIT license and I found it is a great alternative to Unity3d. I would like know how I can suggest a partnership between you and the project to be a third alternative to Unreal and Unity for r...

drsounds by Honored Guest
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Samsung Recognition

I have a pretty basic issue here I am working on a specialized Gear VR Booster that essentially turns the device into a dedicated VR Unit during play. It works extremely well my overheating issues stopped and I have not seen any glitch ingredients or...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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fMRI and Oculucs Rift

We are thinking about a study with fmri and oculus rift. Does anyone know whether the 1.5T of a fMRI scanner would be a problem for the Oculus Rift?

CHES by Honored Guest
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Play Area for Rift?

Hello! New member here and first post. Does anyone know if Oculus, or any of you are working on a something similar to the "Play Area" like the Vive? I have a project I'm kicking around but need to be able to identify a very large Play area perimeter...