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Issue with VR lego Bricktales en meta Quest


Hello, good afternoon,

I am writing to you as a user and buyer of the VR game on the Meta platform, as I believe we have a significant issue with your game.

The problem is that we cannot save multiple game sessions. This means that if my daughter, my wife, and I want to play the game, we have to delete each other's sessions, recreate our characters, etc. Even if we want to show the game to any guests at home, we cannot access the manual if the game is already in progress. This forces us to delete the current session and start from scratch. This cannot be true! Perhaps it is my lack of knowledge, and there is a way to save multiple game sessions. If so, please let me know because this situation doesn't make sense, especially when the game encourages showcasing.

for now, in my house, no one will play the game until I finish it! XXXDDDDD

On another note, it would be great in the future if you could incorporate a multiplayer mode. As I mentioned, it is one of the most entertaining and beautiful VR games I have played, and if it had a cooperative mode, it would be fantastic.




These points would be better raised with the developer or publisher. Meta just supplies the platform.


Yes it’s true. But meta has the real Contact of developers, and all game pass the Quality filter of meta. And it is and strange  issue. I cannot find and game where you can Save a less 3 match. Anywhere I did it. I sent in contact web side.

This is a real problem, no other quest games have this issue, only one save available it is ludicrous. It's a child friendly game but my kids can only play by deleting each others saves each time. I can't demo it to friends or visitors. It means I can't recommend this game to anyone. For a flagship Quest 3 game this is a huge oversight. I have tried to contact the developers but have had no response hence posting here. If this can't be fixed Meta need to flag the fact in advertising, lots of parents are buying this game,  and if they have more than one child it's going to cause huge difficulties especially with Christmas coming up.

Hi, I imagine that the more people complain to the developer and Meta, the sooner they will fix that issue. I have managed to write, first directly on the Meta platform in the game by posting my comments. Additionally, I've used Discord and the contact forms on the developers' and publisher's websites.

Links to which I have gone, requesting the ability to save more than one game >> 

Please do the same, and they will take notice and enable it.

Lego bricktales website on Meta:

discord desarrolladores:

web editor Thunderful Publishing AB :

web desarrollador: ClockStone STUDIO :