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RE4 Code

Level 3
Hello, I have a problem, I bought Meta Quest 2, on December 05, but the code to redeem the RE4 did not come inside the package, I already sent the purchase invoice to support 3 times, but so far I have not no response
Hola, tengo un problema, compre el meta quest 2 el 5 de Diciembre, pero dentro del empaque no me vino el codigo para descargar el Resident Evil 4, ya envie 3 veces la factura de compra al soporte, pero aun no tengo ninguna respuesta.


Level 3

The same thing happened to me. Sales person said we would get RE4 and Beat Saber Free. We got the email for beat sabre, but no RE4 code in the box or via email. Very frustrating.

Level 2

I have the same issue. Gift for the kids and family, no RE4 code in the box. We even got every accessories.  What should we do? Return and repurchase?? 

Honestly, I think its a losing battle at this point. There was another SKU for a Quest 2 Holiday Bundle that came with RE4 and BS. Apparently the box had a sticker on it with RE4. I checked online and in store and the the holiday bundle SKU is sold out everywhere. The SKU that we purchased was the regular Quest 2 with BS. It might be worth mentioning the situation to the store you got the oculus from to see if they will do anything about it, but I doubt they will.

Yeah the box we have and receipt shows the bundle, but we still have them here. A little let down for our first experience and Christmas.  My son loves it so far, but we really wanted to try RE4. 

Level 7

FYI, my code to redeem Resident Evil 4 came on a little folded card inside the Quest 2 box. Here's what the card looked like (in Canada):

Resident Evil 4 card.jpg

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Thanks deejeevee!