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Oculus Rift - not loading Unreal Engine, UE4 VR preview (4.25.3), RTX2070 and Oculus latest Drivers

Level 2
Hi there! I started a VR project with some stuff and I had imported one of my meshes into the map and wanted to see it up close.

Original Post on Unreal Engine Forum:

The problem is that while the editor itself works completely fine it seems that the VR preview simply won't react to my Oculus Rift, which in turn makes it impossible for me to move around using the HDM and hands aren't appearing either. Also when looking in my vr headset it shows the standard loading program screen but it won't move from that point on.

Oculus Rift, latest RTX 2070 and Oculus drivers installed, Engine 4.25.3, really painfull..

P.s.: I can confirm it's working flawlessly on a clean project on 4.24.3 (that's something broken with 4.25.3)...


A small edit: I noticed the problem persists until RHI is set to DIRECTX_12, and raytrace is enabled: if set to default, the problem disappears...
Really strange behaviour...