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How to create the characters I need

How do I create the characters, monsters, and other content I need? It is clear that you need to draw yourself, but I can only create a drawing from all the graphics.Where can I find artists in the field of computer graphics, so that I can order some...

《LoveSweet》Game development documentation

《loveSweet 》Game development documentation Introduction:The goal is to create a dreamland that allows players to enter the game characters, selectively implant emotional seeds, and then harvest the energy of the dream, and finally turn the dream into...

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Visual reference of real world orientation

What are the options are in VR development, to keep a player aware of his orientation in his/her room?The options I have seen so far:- An arrow in the middle of the room. In my experience this is not a great way to keep the player aware of his orient...

Medal of honor not saving

Why it seems to be so hard to get answers to my problem, Medal of honor not saving, every time starts at the beginning. And i mean at the very beginning, language, difficult etc. I played several missions, and still it starts at the beginning. I have...

LexaDDT by Honored Guest
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Partnering with a game.

I'm a 14 year old who has no experience in videogame coding at all, and I was wondering if I could find someone who is willing to mentor me and help me make a decent games, if this is possible.

Game idea

It would be awesome if there was a duck hunt game like the old game for Nintendo

katsue by Honored Guest
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Games and apps for disabled people

Hello, my name is Nathalie and I am a huge fan of the Oculus Quest and if I may say it saved my life. Since 2005 I have been running tests after tests and being treated like a guinea pig to finally a few months ago get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and...

How to implement Room scale with locomotion

Hi,I'm trying to implement an artificial locomotion.. You can simple move around with the thumbstick of the Oculus Touch. However if you wish to move with your room scale you can do it as well.Now where's the problem.. I'm using the standard OVRPlaye...

Welby by Adventurer
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Crypto Casino

What do you think would happen if oculus found someone to make a casino based off of cryptocurrency? Honestly I think it would provide the perfect use for the gem and would bring more people to the oculus. Let me know what y’all think!

Audio Recording in the new game

Hello!I m creating a game for Oculus 2I want to add in my game a function of audio recording of the voice of the player, who has Oculus 2 on him.How to do it better? Please advice me smth

YiMeandr by Honored Guest
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Non spatialized sound

Hi all,Im a sound engineer that are wondering how to make a room in VR become non spatialized in the sound field, that would mean directions and localization is not possible (in acoustic terms "diffuse"). The topic is totally in opposite to everythin...

Dj Hero (or Guitar Hero) for Oculus Rift is possible?

I have searched on internet for some development but at this area is nothing happened. The idea is not a new thing on the market, but as the Oculus VR works , the good OLD games earned a fresh look. There is an idea and a concept: DJ HERO and GUITAR ...

Sixbo by Honored Guest
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Alcohol references and game-titles

Hey! I am not sure if I am on the right forum-board for this. But I wanted to know what you guys know about alcohol references and how it makes the game harder (or not) to publish.If wanted to make a game called "Beers and [X]" or "Wine and [Y]" woul...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hello Architect Game Design

Hello Architect, is an architect virtual reality game that, helps people who want to become an architect to pursue this potential career. It's an app that can help you make new structures and design your idea. It gives you a visual that is three dime...

Looking for a 3D model of the city in California

Hello, I am working on one assignment and looking for a 3D model of the city (in California). I need to integrate it in the Unity Engine project. I came across couple of 3D artists and they shared sample designs to me to test but those were not that ...


Basketball ball wont curve in?©why we have at start of games access to court area  fixissuearea and finngers crossed for n0 m0re glitch issue k t Ymore court areas please#$$

fonze.92 by Honored Guest
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Oculus use

I'm amazed by my new Oculus. I've been waiting for 40 something years to finally see the reality of the movie called Looker. It is an 80's flick that was the first to deal with the world of VR.I'm not really a developer, more a creationist. I have al...

momadoc by Honored Guest
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Long time 3D modeler (maya) First time Oculus Dev.

Where do I start? Please help. I have read (and watched) so much on how to bring 3D into Oculus. I know how to use Unity (use it for testing at work) But I am mostly just a 3D environmental artist. I want to make my own Oculus home to start. Simple. ...

"Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit" style game for the VR?

Have you seen the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for the switch? You drive the RC car around your Livingroom using your switch. I imagen doing the same thing with a drone and a VR headset. You get to watch things attack you from behind your couch, tab...

Jitone1 by Honored Guest
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Is there a global user appearance property?

Say I want to put virtual hands into my game, does the user have to select the appearance for each game, (e.g. pink, tanned or brown hands)?Or is there a global setting. I guess if it is possible I would like to check what color they have their emoji...

Frame Rate low

Question For VR Developers if any in this group:I am making an endless runner game for quest and quest 2The problem:when i look forward my framerate is 19 fps when i look at my feet in game its 72 you can see my mini game doesnt even have any ...

j_parmar by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 should develop games such as Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, deal or no deal, etc..

Leuname01 by Honored Guest
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Looking For Team Of People

Hi, My name is Justin Bennett. I'm not sure if this post is allowed or not and I did read the code of conduct. Sorry in Advance if this post isn't allowed. I'm currently looking for a team of people to help me with a project I am wanting to turn into...

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Any restriction on name(title) of the game?

Hi There, We are in the game concept and planning phase, I have a question regarding the restriction on the name(title) of my game? Is there a "ban list" that developers should take into consideration when brainstorming for the name of the game? can ...

Transmind by Honored Guest
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Easiest 3d animation software?

I am currently interested in doing something for the rift using premade models but custom animations, What is the easiest animating software? Poser and Daz3d seem both good, but are there other choices? I would try them out, but i am not at my comput...

[VR Design] Bullet Time and Headshake brainstorm

Thought I'd throw this out there to see what ideas people have on these two topics. They're two areas I've put a lot of thought in but my thinking has gone stale... Share right off the top of your head - no filter.Bullet Time in VRI'm making a Hotlin...

Bino by Protege
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