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APPLAB Admin Verification

Honored Guest
im a solo game developer working on a VR game and im trying to publish it with APPLAB but im running into an issue with it every time i submit a legal document for the Admin Verification it gets declined ive followed all the ininstructios all black background there able to see all 4 corners its straight it's got all my information in a readable quality but when i submit the document they decline it and tell me to make sure ive got all of those im unsure what to do in this situation sinse i cant verify my game cant go anywhere.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @DaddyNinya. Thank you for reaching out and bringing your publishing issues to our attention. We can certainly see how something like this would derail your VR plans for getting your game up and running. Not to worry; we will be happy to help you with this. We would recommend reaching out to our developer support for assistance with your legal documents so you can start to move forward. Please let us know if you have any questions 


I am also having problems trying to use my passport to get admin verified. I have scanned, taken a picture, its all high quality and everything is readable but it keeps getting rejected. I need an email for someone who can actually do something, because developer support has no easy to find email to ask questions at.