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Adding apps to Meta Admin Center

Honored Guest

I'm developing corporate VR experiences and am attempting to manage my applications and deployments through the Admin Center, which is recommended by Meta for device management.  I cannot find a simplified way to add apps to devices without going through the entire vetting and review process.  My apps do not and should not be deployed on the app store.  I simply want to upload the APK files like I can on my private account and manage these apps for the companies I'm developing them for.  The entire process is very confusing.  I don't understand how a company like ArborXR can develop a much more simplified deployment process than Meta.  I would go back and change it to a personal account but have already configured it for a business device and the factory reset won't revert back and give me an option to signup with a personal account.  Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to use this Admin Center to upload the apps.