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Age requirement for beta invitations

Honored Guest

I verified my age like 6 months ago (Im 16), and now it has become impossible for me to test my own apps OR my friends game. This is strange because his game is rated teen, but it blocks me and says I need to be 18??? Need help figuring this out since I haven't been able to work on anything really.

I already tried sideloading the apks, but that only works with the friends game since I do actually have my beta app, so it just installs to that.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @kart. Thank you for contacting us regarding the difficulties you are experiencing while trying to play your friend's game. We are glad to help by offering you a direct link to developer support here. They will thoroughly investigate these issues and provide you with the necessary solutions to resume testing and enjoying your apps. We appreciate your understanding and remain available to assist you with any other concerns that may arise.