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Any help with using a VR Headset to play console games through HDMI?

Honored Guest
I don’t care for actual VR use, I literally just want a face mounted display that I can hook up my xbox or PlayStation to and relax in theater mode. Regular “2D” games, not VR.
I guess decent quality, refresh rate, and focus would be important. As long as I can play it while it’s charging.
I basically wanna play any of my games, but through a headset so I can get that immersive theater experience. I am not interested in streaming games to the headset, just direct HDMI connection .
I am struggling to find good info on this anywhere.
Any suggestions for a headset that would work for this, and doesn’t cost a total arm and leg? Maybe something less than $400?

Not sure if the developer forums are the right place to ask. You'll have more luck in the general VR Forums

PSVR2 does what you want for PlayStation5 games.
And Quest3 with the free Steam Link app ( will stream from a PC to your headset. Not just VR games but any game in your library.

Heroic Explorer

You can try using an external HDMI capture card attached to the console AND a computer/laptop. Then using Virtual Desktop stream your gameplay to your HMD. It's not ideal. There isn't a method to do HDMI directly into a headset.

If you want to play specifically older titles you own for consoles, you can achieve this with emulation on a computer or Mac and then cast your content to the HMD or with a wired connection into the headset.