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App Lab submission VRC requirements - for extra demo's within main game

Honored Guest


I was curious, I am developing large museum style application that is a mixed bag of features and scenes that make up the main application.

However the app itself will be an evolving system where additional scenes and exisiting scenes will be updated over time. A growing musuem with the initial foundation and performant functioning scenes.

Due to the fact I have a large content base of assets developed over the past 8 years I would like to showcase some "work in progress" demo scenes etc. that are not yet optimised for full production. These scenes would not be deemed as part of the running application but merely snippets. Some of the demo WIP scenes may drop below 70 fps (50 fps on average) however they still perform without any serious visual impact therefore I think worth showing.

Will such demo content render the whole application as unacceptable to App Lab due to potential frame reduction etc.? Is there a possibility to add a disclaimer to such specific demo scenes whilst inditcating they may have some impacted performance?

I think this is important in order to obtain feedback from any users or testers.

I understand that I can submit such as an Alpha release, but was hoping these could also be available to general users on the production release channel.