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Attempting to use federated access for multi platform

Level 2

I'm trying to get a user to see if it exists using the end point


With an access_token query parameter added to it and persistent_id query parameter added to it, with the app-id replaced with the federated app id, but I keep getting the following error:

"message": "Tried accessing nonexisting field (federated_user) on node type (XApplication)",
"type": "OCApiException",
"code": 100,
"fbtrace_id": "*****"

Other requests work this way (create, delete, read multiple users) but not the single user one. It would be really handy to figure this out.


The docs for the federated user requests seem to be woefully innaccurate, I've had to guess how most of the access works based on other APIs. For example, it has tables for headers but the table item name have *spaces* in them, which you can't include in headers, so its a bit ridiculous.

Also these forums are awful for forumatting, I apologise in advance.