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Big headaches, easy fix

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I need to talk about using Quest3 for education purposes.  I'm the IT guy in a public high school and we bought 5 headsets as a starter.  I'm having a few problems on securing the device and the UI.  We want to buy more headsets but I will wait before these issues are fixed. 


We need a somewhat controlled environnement for students.  We want them to give them access to only specific apps and games and be able to block them from downloading any games that they want.  Because we don't see what they do in VR, we don't want them do to somehting completly different than what they are supposed to do and download and play Population One for example.


The only way I was able to do it is creating child accounts but now all social features are not available so they can't be in a VR experience together so that is not a viable option.


If I could have the option to put a **bleep** on the store that would literraly fix most of my problems. 


The other thing I would really like is be able to move the icons of games and apps.  Being able to make categories would be nice to have also.  Can you imagine a cellphone that wouldn't let you sort your icons the way you want in 2024 ?  I really feel like the Quest3 is an advanced piece of technology but with an outaded UI. 


If you are serious about Quest3 for education I believe that you need to make those changes.  You are promoting VR for education (  and yet you say that this simple feature is only possible through the Meta for Business.  Business and education are two different environnements.  We don't have a lot of budget in public schools, I'm sure you already know that.  It really makes no sense to ask us to pay 15$ a month per device only to lock the Store so that our students don't do whatever they want.  I think it is also a bit shady to promote VR for education when you don't specifically say on your webpage that you NEED to pay for Meta for Business to secure these devices.  Think about 13-16 years old teens, they want to do everything except what they are asked.  So YES, these devices must be secured.


I think you could benefit a lot from making the Quest a viable device for schools and education.  As I said, a simple lock with **bleep** protection on the store would fix most of my problems. 


Thank you for your understanding


Xavier Forest






Honored Guest

I don't know why the word P-I-N was changed for **bleep**, i'm not even upset 🙂

These kinds of features would probably come under a Quest For Business subscription but I think you have to be 18+ to use it. Not sure if that applies to the headset users or just the person managing the admin account. Also probably won't come cheap. The previous incarnations (Oculus for Business) were very much geared to enterprise clients, not education.

ArborXR also provide device management and give you things like single app kiosk mode as well as multi-app custom launchers. They used to be free for up to 50 devices but sadly couldn't sustain that so are now charging a fee. Education pricing is can be requested from here: