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Cannot access 2FA

Honored Guest
Hi. I recently had to reset my phone and lost my access to my Authenticator app which could generate codes to log into Meta. Now when I try to log in at I am asked to input the code from my authenticator app. which I no longer have.
I urgently need to fix this issue but, like many people, there are some extremely frustrating roadblocks, namely:
• In order to even email you on this forum I've had to set up ANOTHER Meta account. See my username? That's simply because you can only email support if you're logged in, which I can't do because... well you get the picture. I hope you can see how frustrating that is.
• Beyond this forum there is simply no information whatsoever about how to reinstate a lost 2FA account. I saved some 8 digit reset codes when I set it up, but there are no instructions on these mysterious codes, where to input them, or what to do with them.
• Any suggestions to "visit support" end up in a round-robin of frustration with no actual information or way to contact anyone. Every endpoint of your support pages ends up at a single web form, which, when dutifully filled, out, gets an (albeit polite) email from "Meta Store support" saying "As much as we're delighted to help you regarding your concern, we are only limited to assisting with issues related to Meta Quest products and services. One alternative that we could give you is to directly go to the developer. You may click here to visit their website." That takes you to.. wait for it... which has lots of pages of "Known Issues", "FAQ", and "Documents" but no way of actually contacting anybody, and no information about this issue.
• I simply cannot be the only person experiencing this, and you simply cannot be an 870 billion dollar company and not have figured this out. I work in innovation at a very large company and we have hundred of Meta Quest devices, with millions of dollars spend on development of Meta products. And yet by simply losing a phone everything has come to a griding halt.
So PLEASE, send me a Direct Message through this forum OR explain how I can reset my Authenticator app using the mysterious 8 digit codes that I faithfully saved to my hard drive.
Thank you