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Cannot cast from test account to ODH

Level 2



Im a developer developing a multiplayer app, Id like to be able to cast from my different devices into the developer hub. I am using test accounts created using the ODH under my account organization. yet when i try to cast from my device, it says:


Multiple Accounts Detected

The headset you are trying to cast from is using a different account than Oculus Developer Hub. Casting requires the same account on both the ODH and the headset.


Is there a way to enable casting from test accounts, or to link the test accounts to the ODH account to allow casting?


Level 7

You can sign in to your test account in ODH.

  • Go to Settings and sign out of your current account.
  • Click Continue
  • Click "Have an Oculus account?"
  • Enter your test user email and password. (Get the email from the test users page of the developer dashboard)
  • Click "Sign in"