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Cannot cast from test account to ODH

Honored Guest



Im a developer developing a multiplayer app, Id like to be able to cast from my different devices into the developer hub. I am using test accounts created using the ODH under my account organization. yet when i try to cast from my device, it says:


Multiple Accounts Detected

The headset you are trying to cast from is using a different account than Oculus Developer Hub. Casting requires the same account on both the ODH and the headset.


Is there a way to enable casting from test accounts, or to link the test accounts to the ODH account to allow casting?


Heroic Explorer

You can sign in to your test account in ODH.

  • Go to Settings and sign out of your current account.
  • Click Continue
  • Click "Have an Oculus account?"
  • Enter your test user email and password. (Get the email from the test users page of the developer dashboard)
  • Click "Sign in"