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Check the model for GLTF validation errors and try again later.

Level 3

I'm having trouble inserting models into home. The error is not in the model, because I have already inserted it into home. It gives me the error "check the model for GLTF validation errors and try again later". I get the same error when inserting the template home. Does anyone know if there's a validation failure?


Level 3

I posted the same issue here and never received a response. Others on the FB group are having the same so it's not just us. Seems every time a new update (or in this case a new headset) comes out we are made to suffer for whatever reasonb they have. I finally gave up on Home and am trying other options. Sketchfab seems to work the best after refining my models ib Blender and exporting as a GLF into SF. Animations work there as well unlike Home. GL!

Thank you for the information. I didn't know there were such problems with that. It's definitely not the model problem. I'm also trying to upload a basic cube from Blender and no texture. Nothing. Are you also having trouble adding anything to Home at the moment? I'm still trying to figure out if the problem is with me. Maybe a firewall or something like that.

We had this issue in the summer, and it took a few weeks to clrear up. Now it's back, hoping that it's not due to a employee shortage. I've been looking for alternatives (free or low cost) and there are a few but not too user friendly. I have been playing around with sketchfab (and Blender for the models) as well as VR Toolkit abd Sketchfab has shown some promise, animations work as expected (unlike Home). So to answer your question, no, it's not with you. Just have to be patient and wait for it to blow over (if it ever does) or look for an alternative.

I am still having this problem.  As one who makes 3d models for a living, I can tell you the problem is not us.  I ran validation checks on these glbs and mine have no errrors and still claim "validation errors" there in Home.  This is the link for checking for validation errors to test your own:
As a professional head of 3d pipeline, I have dealt with USDZ and other formats too so I am all too familiar with the ways a 3d file for PBR can go wrong.  Where a model will export and actually show in many viewers but not necessarily load or render correctly in other viewers.  I have fixed all of those kinds of problems for those models and I still can't import them into home as GLB files either. 

Here is a list of all the ways a GLB can go wrong for certain viewers:
1.  No occlusion map.  Not every model needs one but some viewers need it even if the model doesn't call for one, so I'll bake an occlusion map anyway and turn it's setting to 1% influence.  You can also erase areas of the occlusion which cause artifacts.  Pain in the ass fix though.  If you get it wrong, but it manages to load in the viewer, it will often render the entire model "super black."  Because it is reading that missing occlusion to mean everything black.
2.  Opacity map problems.  In Blender, there is an option in the materials for "opaque" or "blended" opacity.  Not all viewers support that opacity ability, opacity maps, or textures where the empty spots are considered "alpha".  You also have to make separate mesh selections in blender for opaque vs. blended opacity materials, otherwise all objects will fail to render and/or sort the opacity correctly.  So you have to duplicate the materials so that opaque objects use the opaque option and *ONLY* the opacity mesh parts get the blended option, before exporting.  If not, it will fail or fail to look right.  Other tools also have opacity problems, Substance painter models exported to USDZ make a good opacity channel object, but the same model exported to GLB will be incorrect.  But don't read that as Blender or Substance painter problems. 
3. About the other tools.  Problems exist in omniverse for their USD stuff too.  All the other tools like "Gestaltor" also wont work.  If you export a perfectly optimized and cleaned GLB file there, it still fails in Home.  I've also tried remeshing, rebaking textures and things in other tools like "3d coat" and the problems still persist.  You can import or create models in "adobe medium,(free tool)" which is recommended on the meta quest page, but that still also has "validation errors," even though you can directly export from that tool directly to home entirely within the oculus system.
4.  Textures.  Many viewers won't support multiple textures.  So you have to have baked all your maps into one UV space.  Also you can't have your UVs on separate channels or out of the texture space bounding box.  So UDims, also fail and are unsupported.  But I can assure you, having been burned with contractors having a uv point or line sticking out of the texture space so that it fails in a particular viewer, I also have fixed this in my models and it's not the case here.
Anyway if it does work someday or if someone figures out a workaround, I hope they post about it here!  Until then you can see others putting in plain old GLB files into the import directory and not getting the red exclamation point in older versions!

I have already solved the problem. The easiest solution is to stop using Oculus home and switch to Steam home. Learn how to create models in hammer editor. Valve hammer has a much more sophisticated system. You can use gravity in the environment, you are not limited by space, size and model quality. You can also create your own environments.


Level 3

I keep checking with just a basic cube, that won't import either. I've been learning Blender and Unity since then I've created my own home in Unity and now can import models WITH animation in VR. Still have a long way to go but was thinking what if I could make a room with Unity and give others to import their own models, would anyone be interested? I've been working almost a year since Oculus Home gave up un us. I did install Steam but wasn't impressed, maybe because of the learning curve, I thought it was time to learn Unity. I haven't done any coding yet and hope not to, and am happy so far. Unity imports Blender files directly, and the Unity tutorials are fun. Learned just enough to do what I want it to do, and viewing a lot of youtube tutorials.

Level 2

Yeah I've done Unity and steam/source work as well. I'll probably not mess with Homes or any other like that anymore.  My main idea was to make a 3d online virtual portfolio.  Since Artstation and sketchfab already exist, I'll just put my stuff there.  I have an older oculus and I think they're making it so others won't be able to join my home while I'm there anyway, so no virtual tour I guess.  If you make a home template others can easily use, it's possbile to sell or give it away on the marketplace.