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Choosing VR Headset for a static experience

Honored Guest

Hello, I've been tasked of making a VR application running on a PC connected to a VR headset. The VR headset of choice will be enclosed in a plastic shell that will block every camera and constrain it to only rotate around 2 axis and the headset will not be removable. I'll receive the orientation data from an external IMU sensor.

Can someone tell me if there is a headset that can be used with these conditions:

  • The headset will not ask for calibration when turned on
  • The headset will not require any interaction in order to be usable from the PC, exept for the initial setup
  • The headset will not show any menu or warning messages
  • My application will be set to auto run (on Windows) and it will automatically send images to the headset (I'm thinking of developing it in Unreal)


Thank you, any help is appreciated!