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Companion Device Manager not working correctly on V55 and V56


Our application utilises the companion device manager to connect to a BLE device. However when the companion device manager (as of V55) shows, it doesn't always show correctly (sometimes just a black screen) and backgrounds the app in a manner which shuts it down. Is this an issue in V55 as this never occurred previously? Additionally, it actually behaved worse when the hardware is updated to V56.

We've updated the manifest to use the newer bluetooth permissions (Scan, Connect, Admin), and can only proceed beyond this screen when fine location is granted, which we are aware is a prohibited permission on both AppLab and Store.


What do we do? Is it broken at an OS level? 


Honored Guest

We've run into exactly the same issue. After the CDM has updated, we never got the callback to retrieve the data from it (onActivityResult). This whole thing still works well from our testing flat app, but behaves badly - as the OP presented - from immersive apps. Meta, fix please 🙂