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Cooling fan with glasses attachment (with magnetic mount).

Honored Guest

The packaging and the product itself do not give the impression of being counterfeit, so I cannot definitively say that the item is not original. Therefore, the discussion will revolve around its incompatibility with the Oculus Quest 3 from a technical standpoint. When the fan, along with the included mask, is installed on the glasses, the glasses start to freeze terribly and completely stop working. Since I did not expect such an effect from a device developed by Meta for its own product, I initially attributed the problem to the glasses. WARNING: the glasses never (not once) froze before installing the magnetic overlay and fan with magnetic mount. Resetting to factory settings through the BIOS menu (power button + volume-) did not solve the problem. Without removing this mask, I barely managed (on the 4th attempt to reflash the glasses). After finally managing to install a new firmware, the glasses worked incorrectly (froze, constantly switched between VR/MR modes, did not recognize the controllers...). AND FINALLY: I simply removed the mask with the fan (without reinstalling anything or changing settings), and, lo and behold, everything started to work perfectly as before. A two-day test with various games showed that the glasses with the factory mask without magnets work as before without a single freeze.

Conclusion: The magnetic fields of the fan and mask mounts affect the processor and memory of the glasses. The product is dangerous for the glasses and can lead to their breakdown.

The technical support service was not helpful, as the glasses are currently working. But what about the incompatibility of their products?