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Deaf and Hard of Hearing need Accessibility


I would like to sharing with you my experience VR Oculus, it was so cool and fun. However;  I'm somewhat disappoint, some games doesn't have live transcribe or text because voice is talking. I do not understand what was he/she, them/they, it says. It is left out  and hurt deaf and hard of hearing community please it is require because under The Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) . Video Games need Accessibility is important to me and deaf community. I hope Oculus work on solve this issue. 


 Setting does not have close caption need to set up

1. Youtube channel or movie 

2. Social meet with avatar, he/she or they talking each other not understand what was says need live transcribe. Example of A Township Tale, Zenith: The Last City and many more....

3. Some game do have text match with their voice but not all game doesn't have it


I like to hear from your comment. I'm glad that I'm not only one


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We understand that the lack of accessibility settings hasn't been ideal for your VR experience. We encourage all of our users to contribute any ideas for improvement on our feedback page. We're always looking to refine our VR world, and you're helping us to do just that!


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