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Developer documentation updates for the week of June 10th, 2024

Hello Meta Quest Developers! Here are the latest documentation updates for the week of June 10th, 2024.


  • The June 2024 edition of Fixing Your Flow, a monthly content series dedicated to improving your developer experience by fixing what’s broken and adding quality of life improvements, is now live.
  • The Platform SDK topic Entitlement Check for Meta Quest Store Apps has updated steps here: Unity | Native | Unreal
  • The graphics subsystem topic App Spacewarp has been updated with new guidance on debugging.
  • The Oculus Spatializer Plugin is retired and has been replaced by the Meta XR Audio SDK. The Oculus Spatializer Plugin won't receive any further support beyond v47. All Oculus Spatializer topics now have a banner announcing this information. You can learn more about the Meta XR Audio SDK here: Unity | Unreal
  • The tool reference topic Oculus Platform Utility Reference has been updated with a download link and access permission instructions for the experimental Linux version.
  • The Meta XR Simulator topic on Passthrough Scenes has eight new rooms added to the synthetic environments. You can learn more here: Unity | Native | Unreal
  • The Native topic Android Manifest Settings has been updated with the latest guidance and outdated content has been removed.
  • The multiplayer testing topics Setup Multiplayer Testing in Unity and Setup Multiplayer Testing in Unreal have been updated. As of v66, when testing multiplayer, the inactive player’s head pose is not updated when the active device moves.
  • The OS topic Compatibility Mode has been updated to include a note that you should not use the Android Java API for checking the device type.
  • The OS topic CPU and GPU Levels has been updated with information about how access restrictions to CPU/GPU levels can be overridden by certain OS features that run in the background (for example, casting).
  • The Unity topic Surface Projected Passthrough Tutorial has been updated with corrected values for the projected passthrough plane scale.
  • The Unity topic Depth API for Unity has been updated with corrected Unity version and requirements information.
  • The Unreal topic Server to Server Basics has an update on how to use the User Get Access Token Blueprint function.
  • The Unreal topics Meta Fork Game Engine Performance Enhancement and Oculus Source Distribution for Unreal Engine have been updated. Emulated Uniform Buffers have been temporarily removed from v66 and are currently only supported in v65.

Minor updates:

Removed topics:

  • The Meta Mixed Reality Template topic for Unreal has been removed.

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