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Developer documentation updates for the week of June 17th, 2024

Hello Meta Quest Developers! Here are the latest documentation updates for the week of June 17th, 2024.


  • The topic Apply Spatialization in Unreal has updated steps for using the Meta XR Audio Spatializer.
  • v66 introduces new debug commands for tracking CPU/GPU thresholds. This is now documented in the Logcat Stats Definitions topic here: Unity | Native | Unreal
  • With v66, hand tracking in the Meta XR Simulator is no longer an experimental feature. The content has been upgraded and migrated. You can find it here: Unity | Native | Unreal
  • The graphics subsystem topic App Spacewarp has updated guidance on debugging (different from last week’s update) that highlights the most efficient way to discover quick objects are creating AppSW artifacts, including a suggested custom adb command for QA testers, artists, and other non-developers who use MQDH.
  • The Unity topic Passthrough Basic Tutorial has been updated with new steps.
  • The Unity topic Tutorial - Create Your First VR App on Meta Quest Headset has updated steps for how to download the Meta XR All-in-One SDK from the Unity Asset Store.
  • The Unity topic Mixed Reality Utility Kit Getting Started has been updated with improved screenshots and clarified steps.
  • The previously removed Unreal topic Meta Mixed Reality Template has been re-added.
  • The Unity topic Getting Started with Meta XR Simulator has been updated with guidance for installing the Meta XR Simulator on macOS.
  • The Unity topic Building Blocks has been updated to identify newly deprecated building blocks (Grabbable Item, Room Model, and Throwable Item).
  • The VRC topic VRC.Quest.Privacy.2 has been updated. An App’s privacy policy must have a clear explanation of what data the app is processing, collecting, and/or storing about the user.
  • A new topic on creating App Ads in the European Union has been created, and the existing App Ads topic has been updated with additional information.

Minor updates:

Removed topics:

  • There were no removed topics this week.

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