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Developing PC based VR for Quest 2 - Using PC GPU

Honored Guest


I currently develop standalone PC VR based apps using Unity with the HTC Vive.

These are not publicly commercialised they are specialised developments and demand high graphic performance (heavy scenes).

I am looking to start developing on the Oculus quest 2 and was hoping to take advantage of the PCVR tethered mode, using a link Cable to a VR ready PC.


Can the Quest 2 truly take advantage of using the PC performance in order to get visual performance similar to the HTC Vive performance in this configuration?

I see plenty of information about using Steam based games (PCVR esque) BUT that is not really what I want to do. My builds are standalone, currently .exe PC based VR applications for learning/training.

I am just trying to determine the performance & limitations of the the Quest for such relating to GPU/CPU use and how it would compare to the HTC Vive builds.

There does not seem to be a clear document that addresses these specifics from a developers point of view, but plenty info for the end user which even does not make it fully clear.

Ideally I would have smaller graphical scale APK's for Quest 2 in standalone mode. And the option to also use the Quest 2 tethered to my PC to gain the added performance IF that's how it works??

Appreciate anyone's feedback!