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Did ASW get broken lately?

Level 4



I've the weirdest issue and it suddenly (well, at least I don't know what's causing it) appeared: ASW is triggering horrible artifacts, mostly on plain background.


Video of the issue:


- It happens on every game I've tried.

- This is not a framerate issue.

- It happens mainly on plain backgrounds and a lot less when there is details.


Quest 2 (Link or Airlink)

4090 RTX with 526.47 drivers

Oculus software (


Could you guys tell me if this is an issue on my side or if ASW is actually broken? Could be an Nvidia driver issue, Oculus software issue, I really don't know.


@MetaQuestSupport Have you guys ever seen this or got reports about a similar issue?




Level 4

It looks like this issue and another one involving stuttering could be related to the 4090 series drivers:


But only Nvidia and/or Oculus can confirm this.