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Digital Binocular using Quest 3 - Where to start?

Honored Guest

Hello everyone

I'd like to attach two usb cameras to my quest 3 and turn it into a binocular.
Actually I want the passthrough feature, just with better cameras.

My software project could be boiled down to a single line of code:


The cameras come with an android usb driver. So I hope, I'll be able to eventually connect them.
However, I'm totally lost in the quest development environment.

As I don't need any kind of 3d calculation or VR user interaction, I left Unity and Unreal aside, and downloaded Android Studio and Mobile SDK.
However, after days of trying, I find the provided sample code is terribly outdated. Nothing compiles and I'm not even sure, if it is compatible with quest 3, as only quest 2 and pro are ever mentionned.

So, please advise me, where to get a simple hello world sample code, that actually runs on the quest 3, and where I can finally place my 'one' line of code 🙂

Thank you so much