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Few questions on DevOps for Quest 2 with Unity

Honored Guest

Hi there!

I have been working on an app for Quest 2 using Unity. Myself and 2 others have been using the app lab alpha channel to share and test builds and it has been working well. Now, we are hoping to open up a private beta, but of course still want to retain the ability to test new development features amongst the core team. I thought that using different release channels would be the way to go, but I've learned from reading that only the highest version number build will be available to each of us, even across channels. Does this mean that, in our Oculus organization, we should make separate "apps" for the dev and public-facing versions of our app? 

Now, when it comes to keysigning, this is also an area I am not too comfortable with. I assume we should be fine to use the same keystore for both apps if we go that way? Also, can someone help clarify what would happen if we lose/change the keystore used to sign the app? Finally, what other parameters, if changed, could cause the build to be rejected by Meta? (e.g. if we change the change the name of the app within Unity, or the name of the APK)

Just looking to get a general sense of best practices for this sort of thing, and if there are any major potential issues to look out for. Thanks so much, and I'm happy to provide more info/context if needed!