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Full Hand Motion Capture for User Interface

Level 2

After a quick search for this suggestion, I have not found anything about it so if this is a repeat idea, let me know.

For more effective in game hand control on the Oculus, you could outfit the VR headset with a front facing camera using a fish-eye lens. The sole purpose for this camera would be to search and track mo-cap gloves (printed with the checker/triangle/dot patterns, similar to those used in the film industry) worn by the user. 

The camera could also be used to help with any AR applications, or also as a proximity warning device. 
You may have to mount the camera in a way that it could view the users hands in a natural, resting position, or as another option use an array of cameras/sensors around the entire device.


If style is an issue with the gloves, different fabrics of the same color could be used which, would allow for a unique IR signature and the camera could be replaced by IR sensors.

This innovation would allow for the reduction in overall power consumption, manufacturing costs of hand based electronics, and a possible reduction in computer power necessary to process gyroscopic data (I'm not sure if the compute power for the mo-cap tracking would be <, >, or = to the compute power needed for the current setup). Moreover, this would lead to more versatility in-game and could also open the door to using physical devices & props with a similar mo-cap pattern, detectable by the camera, that could map to a virtual devices in-game. 

Please expand on this idea and run with it. I hope this idea becomes reality one day.