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Game Under Review for 6 Months


The title pretty much tells it all, my game has been under review since December. I've been through 5 different tickets that all end in either "We have notified the review team" or radio silence. They asked for an image of the submission and all is in order. What is even going on? This is the worst publishing experience I've ever had.



Hi @Buwubi, has your app been reviewed since posting? We're having similar problems and I'm hoping to learn what the expected wait time is


We submitted our app twice but it has never made it further than "waiting for review". We learned 4-months into our first submission that the automated Test Results had an Infra_Failure error on the first basic malware test. Everything else was green. We contacted Oculus support and learned that this indicates an internal error on Oculus' side and, as we understand it, was possibly preventing our app from advancing in review


We were unable to cancel or upload new build ourselves while the first submission was stuck in limbo so Oculus canceled it for us. At that time, I requested that we receive priority on our next submission to which they agreed. Now, It's been 4-months since our second submission (8 months total wait), we have the same Infra_Failure error as the first time and it is impossible to contact the store team. Replies to our support tickets have been very sparse (2+ months of silence at times) but we have been lucky to have reached a Support Manager who is trying to help us contact the Store team. Apparently, even Support doesn't have a way to contact them!



At the moment I am in the same position I was when posting. I've since tried to reach them again through the open ticket I have but still no reply. I've been lucky to meet someone who works as an Oculus Developer Relations person two weeks ago and sent them my info directly. They apparently forwarded the info to the team and since it's internal expect a quick response time but so far I've still heard nothing. I've followed up today with that person and am waiting for a reply at the moment. As far as support I've kinda given up on that, this is my last-ditch effort and if it does not happen I'm just doing Steam exclusive

That sucks dude. We had an investigation team assigned to our first submission and they took a few weeks to look into the infra_failure error. Hopefully you hear back some good news quickly and are able to release on both platforms. Oh, I should've asked/confirmed, are you releasing on the Rift store or App Lab? We're trying to release on the Rift store

Rift Store 🙂 and the error sounds like it was doozy , hopefully they reach out to you soon i mean its their job...