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Got my game ready for applab and now I can't run the game in the unity editor


Ok I need some help please. So I got my game ready for applab and sidequest everything worked fine it got submitted not problem. But I then go to fix some bugs in the unity editor and now my game wont display the game to my headset. I get like a flash of black as if its going to the game but then it just cuts back to the Rift home menu. Idk how to fix it and I really need it fixed so I can do bugs and testing. Any ideas on what the problem is? I'm on unity version 2022.2.16f1, Oculus XR Plugin 3.3.0, MockHMD XR Plugin 1.3.1-preview1, OpenXR Plugin 1.7.0, XR Core Utilities 2.2.0, XR Legacy Input Helpers 2.1.10, XR Interaction Toolkit 2.3.2, XR Plugin Management 4.4.0, and Oculus Integration 56.0. I know that before hand my hand's weren't tracking and I updated or fixed something on unity oculus project set up tool thinking it would fix it but then it wouldn't display to my headset. I tried to reverse it but I dosn't work.  Please help as this is making it so I can't fix/test bugs and update my game. Thanks


Expert Protege

Please report back with any exact editor errors, editor logs, screenshots, videos etc to help us figure out the issue. Please be as specific as possible. Listing the plugins like you have is a good start but more info is needed.

Most developers deal with this type of issue on occasion. For me, restarting my computer and updating my oculus drivers almost always fixes this issue. But sometimes, there were unintended changes made to my project and I use git to revert to the last working version and investigate further.