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Holy Moly: No internet = No cast

Level 2

Very frustrated here.  Helping new users get into VR at trade shows or high school job fairs is ridiculously hard.


I'm able to cast the chromecast with an Internet connection.. But when I'm at trade shows or high school career fairs, I can't get an Internet connection and it does not work.  


Why is this so hard?  I'd love to be able to get someone into a headset and walk them through the motions.  I kooked into scrcpy, but don't want to use a router if I go that route.  Is there any good tutorial on how to easily cast this thing without an internet connection?  I find it ridiculous that it is this hard to show people VR in 2022.  I had friends over the other night and I gave up trying to explain to a friend how to navigate. 


Casting should be robust and stupid easy to get more people adopted into VR.  I'm shocked there isn't more work done on supporting first time users with easy utilities like robust casting capabilities.